Cost of Seeing Dolphins in Lovina Bali 2022

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 On this auspicious day, will post an article about the cost of seeing dolphins in Lovina Beach Bali. For those of you who have often visited Bali Lovina’s name has certainly been heard even though they have never been there.

Understandably, maybe because of its location far from Kuta or Tanjung Benoa or from Ubud. Yes, they are both far away from the 3 places above.. especially from Bali Safari Park :D.

Cost of Seeing Dolphins in Lovina Bali

Please note, to go to Lovina, then we will definitely pass the Bedugul area. Of course, you know, that here there are well-known tourist attractions, namely the Eka Karya Bali Botanical Gardens and Ulun Danu Temple Beratan Bedugul.

These two tourist attractions are located quite close together. So to play here, Mimin recommends after seeing dolphins (dolphins) in Lovina. However, if you want to play watersports, I suggest stopping by Krisna Watersports. This is a pretty good place, there are parasailing games, banana boats, flying fish, flyboards, etc., just like the ones in Tanjung Benoa.

Cost of Seeing Dolphins in Lovina Bali 2022

Best Time to See Dolphins in Lovina

The best time to see dolphins in Lovina is in the morning before sunrise. So, the boat departs at 06.00 WIB at the latest. So that you can always see a group of dolphins coming to the surface. There’s even a dolphin doing jumping.

Ticket Prices for Seeing Dolphins in Lovina 2022

Lovina is a tourist attraction in North Bali, precisely in Buleleng district. This area is famous for its beaches, and also the activity of seeing dolphins in the morning.

Maybe in Bali, only in Lovina can we see dolphin attractions off the coast. So this is indeed natural not ‘artificial’ like indoors.

The cost of seeing dolphins in Lovina is the price charged per person to see dolphins or dolphins off the coast of Lovina by using a traditional boat or Balinese people say Jukung.

Now with a jukung that will be driven by 1 person, we go to the middle of the sea in the early morning around 6. Then finish seeing dolphins around 8.

So for those who stay in South Bali, especially Kuta and its surroundings, it is recommended that at 2 or 3 in the morning it is recommended to go to the location. The trip is estimated to take about 3 hours.

For those who don’t want to miss snorkeling activities in Lovina after seeing the dolphins, we also provide a package price for seeing dolphins + snorkeling, which of course is still very affordable.

Compared to snorkeling in Tanjung Benoa, this “surface diving” activity in Lovina is not limited in time. So you can plunge + swim to your heart’s content. Oh yes, the price includes snorkeling equipment, such as fins, snorkels, google goggles, Guys…

Pricelist See Lovina Dolphins

Package Age Price
Seeing Dolphins Adult 100.000 IDR
Chid (3-7 y.o) 50.000 IDR
Seing Dolphins + Snorkling Adult 200.000 IDR
Chid (3-7 y.o) 100. IDR


  • The online price above applies if you book through Balipedia
  • Child price is valid for ages 3-7 years old
  • Children under 3 years old = free
  • Special Prices for Indonesian Citizens and Kitas Holders
  • Dolphin Lovina ticket prices above are located in the middle of the sea, not indoors
  • For the Dolphin + Snorkeling package, the price includes snorkeling equipment
  • The price includes a welcome drink, life jacket, boat, guide
  • Lovina dolphin viewing activities start at 6 am
  • The price for seeing dolphins or renting a jukung above is valid from now on, January, February, March


• What time does the boat leave?

To see dolphins (dolphins) in Lovina, the jukung boat must leave in the morning at 06.00 WITA.

So it is recommended that at 05.45 WITA, you must be at the meeting point location

• If from Kuta and its surroundings, how far is it?

If from Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Denpasar, we suggest leaving at 03.00 WITA in the morning.

The distance is about 2.5 hours by car.

• How long does it take to see dolphins?

The duration is 2 hours. So if the boat leaves at 06.00 WIT, then it finishes at 08.00 WITA

• If we take the dolphin + snorkeling package, will we swim with the dolphins later?

Sorry, snorkeling here we can't swim with dolphins. So after seeing dolphins in the middle of the sea using a boat, our boat captain will go to a snorkeling spot which is not the same location when he saw the dolphin.

Snorkeling duration = unlimited…