How to Make Nasi Tempong Bali

 How to Make Nasi Tempong Bali – Lately, in Denpasar, Bali, there are a lot of nasi tempong stalls, several large stalls carrying the main menu of nasi tempong are standing on the main streets of the city. The first time I saw the name, I was a little confused, why is the Nasi tempong so weird?

After several times, finally a friend asked me to eat at one of the stalls, he told me that the sambal was very spicy and I definitely liked it (we both like spicy things). I started to wonder what kind of chili sauce this was until my friend was that excited.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at the shop, just like ordinary fresh vegetables stalls with lots of photos of artists who had stopped by on the walls of the room.

The menus served include chicken breast tempong rice, chicken thigh tempong rice, squid tempong rice, fried fish tempong rice and shrimp fried rice. After a while of waiting the order finally came, basically the filling is one serving of fried tofu and tempeh, boiled spinach, boiled chayote, fried chicken (depending on the menu of our choice) and a serving of hot red chili sauce.

When I tried it, I admit it was really spicy and the spicy taste was only felt when we ate it, once we finished eating the spicy taste disappeared somewhere.

How to Make Nasi Tempong Bali

The next day I started to busy looking for the menu of this food and finally I found that nasi tempong is a typical food from Banyuwangi – East Java.

In the regional language, tempong means slap or slap, so this name came about because after eating the sambal, we feel like we are slapped by the spicy taste (unique and makes sense). Instead of looking for the origin, I continued browsing to this nasi tempong recipe and I found it here, and here is my version of nasi tempong.

How to Make Nasi Tempong Bali

Nasi Tempong Sambal Ingredients

  • 1/2 clove of garlic
  • 1 ripe tomato (skin corrugated)
  • 5 pieces of hot red chili
  • Fried Terasi (Shrimp made from anchovies)
  • Salt
  • Enough Vetsin
  • Sugar

Steps to Make Nasi Tempong Sambal

  • Fry the garlic, tomatoes and chilies until wilted
  • Remove, put in a mortar, add salt, vetsin, shrimp paste and sugar. Blend until smooth
  • Ready to serve
  • Serving Tempong Rice:
  • Prepare a portion of rice
  • Complete with boiled vegetables ( kangkung and round eggplant)
  • Add one or two pieces of fried tofu and tempeh
  • Also add one main side dish, which can be chicken, fish, squid, shrimp or other side dishes
  • Serve with tempong sauce


Best when eaten with steaming rice, the spicy sensation will be more pronounced. When frying chili, cut a little part of the chili so it doesn’t explode when frying. You can check other foods at 7 Balinese Culinary Most Liked by Tourist.