5 Traditional Balinese Dances Taken from the Story of the Mahabharata

 Traditional Balinese Dances – Mahabharata is a masterpiece story that is very famous all over the world. This story is divided...
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5 Balinese Musical Instruments of High Art and Philosophy Value

 Balinese Musical Instruments – The exoticism of Dewata Island (The Island of the Gods) does not only stop at the natural scenery...
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9 Traditional Balinese Dance You Can’t Miss

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5 Bali Spirit Festival, Scared Tradition and The Show You Can Enjoy

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10 Unique Things That Only In Bali You Must Know Before Your Vacation

 Unique Things in Bali – Bali as a popular tourist destination in Indonesia has many attractions that make tourists always want...
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Leak, Creepy Balinese Mythological Creature

 One of the famous mythological creatures in the Bali area is the ghost of Leak. Do you guys know about this...
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