Gading Beach, The Famous Beach In Mataram

Pantai Gading has a very clear fresh air and sunlight among the sea. The tourists will get an excitement when they come to Pantai Gading to enjoy their vacation. Another thing that will be loved by the tourists who come to this beach is also, the culinary. Most of the restaurant near the beach will serve seafood as their main course. You can enjoy seafood while watching the clear sky and sea.
Pantai Gading can be considered a new beach in southern Mataram. Before it is called Pantai Gading, it was called Ketapan beach. However then, the beach was passed to the government of Mataram and the was changed to Pantai Gading. The government planned that Pantai Gading must be as popular as Pantai Ampenan that is already famous in Mataram.
The thing that will attract many tourists to come to this beach is because it is very clean. Many beaches in Indonesia, tend to have many ships lay on the shore which somehow can disturb the beauty of the beach itself. However, there are no ships in Pantai Gading.
Everything is just a clean shore with a clear sky. The tourists should not be afraid of anything. The government already give a very strict security who will help the tourists if something happens. There also a market that can be found near the beach if the tourists want to buy some souvenirs. 
The sunset in Pantai Beach is the best view, the sunrise is also included, but when it comes to night the tourists can enjoy the calm atmosphere in Pantai Gading. Even it can be considered as a new beach, many local or interlocal people already hear about Pantai Gading. 
To get to the beach, you can use a public or private transportation. It is not very far from Mataram city. It’s just needed around an hour. When you get to the TNGR office, you should go to the beach by foot.
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