Pink Beach, All Ever You Wanted In Cheap Way, Lombok Island

BaliHow – Pantai Pink is originally called Pantai Tangsi. It is a tourism destination located in East Lombok. It is called as Pantai Pink (Pink Beach) because of its sand which has pink as its color. This beach located in Desa Sekaroh, Kecamatan Jerowaru, East Lombok. 
The pink color is as normal as the usual white sand in the common beach. However, how the sand in this beach turns into pink is because it is mixed with the flakes of red soft reef. The color itself will become much clearer when the weather is very clear. Tangsi in Indonesian dictionary means “romance” or “barrack”. Thus, people there believe that the barrack was once used by the military of Japan.
Beside the sand, this beach also has another beautiful aspect such as the panorama of its nature. There are a lot of high cliff with a cottage on the top of it. The tourists can use it and enjoy the beauty of its nature. 
Pantai Pink has a soft waves, so it is saved for the tourist who wants to swim or do snorkelling. Beneath the sea, there are a lot of corals. Beside the beach itself, the tourist can rent a ship to explore the sea. The ship can contain 10-12 people. It is very cheap, it costs only Rp 10.000 around $1.
The only way to reach Pantai Pink is to go from Mataram. It needs 2 hours to get there. The tourist can either go using a personal or rent car. When you arrive, there will be sign that says “Pantai PINK 50 meter”, from there, the tourist should go by foot to get to the beach. The tourist don’t have to spend a lot of money because entering the beach is totally free.
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