Tanjung Bira Beach, Exotic Beach in Sulawesi

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There is no end in talking about beach. True enough Indonesia harbors a lot of beaches with their own unique appearance.
Unfortunately, some of the beaches that are well known among people mostly lie in Java or Bali, nevertheless it doesn’t necessarily means that the beaches which located in another island are not standing on equal footing compared to the Javanese or Balinese ones.
There are still a lot of beautiful beaches which is mostly still unkown to the tourists. Right now we will unravel one of those beautiful beaches, this beach is located in Sulawesi, the name of the beach is Tanjung Bira Beach. 
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Tanjung Bira Beach is a beach located in South Sulawesi, its name may be a little bit unkown for most of the tourists, but Tanjung Bira Beach is already famous in the local people as one of the most beautiful beach is Sulawesi.
The exact location of this beach is in Kecamatan Bonto Bahari, Kabupaten Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. Since this beach is still pretty much secluded and somehow “hidden”, not a lot of people come here; hence this place has a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
The white sand enveloped by clear sea water emphasizes the stress-relieving aura emitted by this beach.  On some occasions there are people from foreign country which come here merely to enjoy things offered by this beach.
There are a lot of things that you can do in this beach, such as diving, snorkeling or just strolling around the beach.  Worry not because there are some travel agents that will help you if you really want to go diving or snorkeling and you can pay them a certain sum of money in order to rent the equipment or eventually asks them for their assistance and guidance.  Just like the usual beach, this beach offers mesmerizing sunset and sunrise scenery, combined with the relaxing atmosphere and the sound of sea breeze, it will become a perfect mixture to make sure that you are dumbfounded by its beauty.
Here we provide certain route that you can take if you want to go here:
From Makassar, Head to Bulukamba
From Bulukumba you can either take the public transportation or head directly to the Beach
You can go to Tanjung Bira Beach by personal vehicle or public transportation, be very careful though since the public transportation services only lasts until around afternoon so if you didn’t make a proper plan it is possible to miss out the public transportation.
If you want to spend the night here there are a lot of cheap resorts and hotels around Tanjung Bira Beach, each with its own location and services. There are also restaurants and ferry docks for those who want to go to Selayar Beach to do diving. If you are looking for a magnificent beach around Sulawesi, be sure to check this beach!
Img source: telusurindonesia