Karimunjawa National Park, The Definition Of An Exotic Archipelago

Indonesia is known for an archipelago country which is filled with thousands of islands.  Consisting more than 40% of water, Indonesia is famous for its abundant amount of tourism object in terms of natural attraction.
If you are looking for a traveling destination around Central Java, it will be a good idea to visit the Karimunjawa. Karimunjawa is a tourism object which belongs to the massive Karimunjawa National Park, it takes form in an archipelago which can be used to do various things.
Karimunjawa is located in north of Java Island, around Jepara in Central Java.  Just as what an archipelago usually consists, this place has both land and sea as its tourism attraction, of course both of them provides different experience for you to ejoy.
With aroud 1,500ha land and 110,000ha water, you can imagine that this archipelago is extremely wide and  because of the good development given by the support of the local government, despite its massive breadth this place managed to become one of the most visited traveling destination in Java, especially Central Java. 
Karimunjawa National Park, The Definition Of An Exotic Archipelago
There are plenty of things that you can do here; first is diving which can be done around Kamujan Island which is famous for the wreck driving because long ago a ship named INDONO sank in this place and the wreckage of the ship become filled with fish and corals.
If you are not keen on extreme sports like diving, you can simply snorkeling around the place, in fact most of the people chose snorkeling due to its safety and enjoyable experience. Other things such as fishing, Jetski, Banana Boat, even Glass Bottom Boat that will take you underwater without having to go diving is ready to serve you here.
There are two alternatives in heading there, namely by passing through air or sea, here we provide some of the directions to reach the place:
1. Air
Head to Semarang
Head to Dewa Dari Airport
Take a Cassa 212 Plane provided by Kura- Kura Resort
Arrive in Karimunjawa Archipelago
2. Sea
Head to Semarang
Head to Tanjung-Mas Harbor
Ride KMC Kartini
Arrive in Karimunjawa Archipelago
Some of the most noticeable attractions offered by this place is the beautiful scenery of the sea filled with the distant island as long as your eyes can reach, the beautiful white colored sand and the clear sea water will give you an experience that you can hardly forget.
Not only the scenery from the sea but the scenery of the hills such as Love hill, Nyamplungan Hill, and Joko Tuo hill also there to help you satisfy your needs of beautiful natural scenery. There are a lot of islands for you to visit , so you better chose which one suits your needs before going there.
Img source: twisata