10 Things You Can’t Do in Bali

10 Things You Can't Do in Bali

 BaliHow.com – Living in a city of people means that you have to be prepared with the prevailing customs. If not, then you should be prepared to accept local customary law which is usually different from state law. Likewise in Bali, the island with the nickname Island of the Gods whose culture is still very strong.

Things that You Can’t Do in Bali

The Balinese themselves are actually very friendly, but you still have to pay attention to what you can and can’t do on the island of Bali. Are you staying temporarily in Bali, staying forever or just vacationing in Bali? You can’t do this:

1. Step On The Canang (Ritual Offering)

Canang or offerings that are offered every day by Hindus in Bali to honor the creator of nature, you will surely come across often. If accidentally stepped on, apologize, at least from the heart.

2. Entering a Holy Place Carelessly

Some tourist attractions have their own rules, according to local customs. For example, you are required to wear a scarf (anteng) and cloth. Apart from tourists, local Hindus also adhere to this custom. So it’s a big mistake if you think of it as a business. Especially for women who are menstruating (menstruating) there are several things and tourist attractions that are purified, therefore usually women who are menstruating are prohibited from entering.

3. Act Recklessly in a Holy Place

Even though it’s open to tourists, don’t ever act up or make trouble. Speak politely because the Balinese people uphold their honor. If you want to throw trash, it’s better to provide a special plastic bag, don’t throw it anywhere.

4. Settling without Registering

You don’t have to have an ID card, but those of you who stay long enough in Bali are required to make a temporary ID card or what is commonly called Kipem. Banjar Bali itself will regularly conduct raids on Kipem, if you don’t have one, you will likely be subject to customary punishment and even expelled. The Balinese are very concerned about the security of their territory, especially since the terrorist attacks. Therefore they are merciless to foreigners who transgress.

5. Swearing during a Traditional Ceremony

Maybe you are upset because the road you are traveling is temporarily closed or jammed because there is a traditional ceremony, such as Ngaben, for example. But don’t be upset and then swear or honk loudly and repeatedly, it means you don’t respect the area you are stepping on. Also avoid being in front of people who are praying.

6. Touching or Holding a Balinese Head

The Balinese believe that the head is the most sacred part of the body. Therefore, avoid touching the head, even if you want to rub the child’s head as a sign of affection it is considered rude.

7. Peeing Anywhere

In Bali, many areas are sacred, trees are also considered sacred and worshiped. Therefore, avoid urinating anywhere.

8. Hanging Around on “Nyepi”

It is forbidden to go out of the house/hotel, start a fire and turn on the lights. If there is a sudden need, for example sick or giving birth, that’s okay. But remember, there will be pecalang who always watch over Nyepi.

9. Ignoring The Signs on The Beach

Every beach has prohibition signs. I don’t know if it’s about the current or something else. Pay attention and if necessary ask the local guide about the prohibition on the beach.

10. Touching a Stray Dog

This does not include a ban on Balinese customs, it just needs to be considered because in 2010 the island of Bali was shocked by the rabies virus in stray dogs. As in Bali, there are many mutts on the streets, you should avoid contact with them, if you get bitten by a dog, immediately consult a doctor.