3 Warna Beach, One of The Most Beautiful Beach in East Java

3 Warna beach is located in Malang which is also the Sendang Biru conservation place for mangrove. This beach represents the beauty of nature. The uniqueness from this beach that it has 3 water colors which is caused by the depth of the sea. The natural beauty looks from it crystal clear water. The beach is considered as the clean beach, which have the team that looks after it.
3 Warna Beach, One of The Most Beautiful Beach in East Java
When visitors arrive, they will be presented the view from the beach. The reef in the water can be seen clearly. To arrive in this beach, the local or international tourist have to walk around 20 minutes and pass the Clengup beach. Before you go to this beach, you are need to reserve the place and also the guide for your tour in there. The price is very cheap, for one group you only need to pay not more than Rp.100.000 and plus you get the tour guide.
In this beach, you can also see the underwater view. 3 Color beach provide the tourist “snorkeling facility” so the tourist can enjoy the under water view in this beach. The beach is also a conservation place. It also give the education facility about the conservation.
The distance from Malang to this beach is about 150km, just follow the direction in  a way to Bululawang and follow the direction to come to Sumber Manjing village. To enter to this beach you only need to pay Rp.6.000 which is very cheap, it include your park ticket.
This beach will serve you a better view of nature in a cheapest way.