Indonesia, A Perfect Tourist Spot to Spend Your Holiday

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Vacation with family or friends is fun, especially when on holiday in the right place. Some people do have different interests, some people are interested in a vacation to the beach, mountains or other tourist attractions. Indonesia is one of the right destination.
In addition to stunning natural beauty, Indonesia has a diversity of animals and plants. This country of more than 200 million people also has a diversity of cultures in which not many countries have.
Mountains become one of the attractive tourist destination for local and foreign tourists travel. Semeru, Bromo and more mountainous which has beautiful views to be enjoyed.
Beatyful Mountain in Indonesia

The beach and the ocean could also be an alternative to your destination. Many beaches in Indonesia is very beautiful. Diversity of coral reefs and marine wildlife species diversity can also be enjoyed in marine tourism in Indonesia.

There are also many interesting sights that will not disappoint you. As wonderful cave with stalactites and stalagmites. A beautiful island. Diversity of endemic species not found elsewhere. One of them Orang Utans and Komodo Dragons that exist only on Komodo Island.

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