Lampuuk Beach, Kuta In Aceh

Banda Aceh – Tanning in beach, play banana boat, surfing, and diving is common in Bali. However, you can do those fun things in Banda Aceh, Kuta in Aceh, Lampuuk beach.

The beach is located in west Aceh. You will need to used private or rent car to get to this beach, the estimation time arrive at this beach is about an hour from Banda Aceh in the way to Meulaboh. The beach have white sands and beautiful waves for surfing.

The wave is very big, but it safe for you who likes to surfs.  For you who do not surf, you can stay at the tent to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the mountain behind you.
You can also climb the the cliff which is located in the edge of this beach. Remembering the Tsunami tragedy on 2004, there is one place which still stands after the tragedy a Rahmatullah mosque. The mosque is known as monument of Tsunai tragedy.
Besides its beauty and its story, this beach also have its culinaire.  Enjoying roasted fish with coconut water, will adding some atmosphere you never felt before.
There is also a conservation in this beach for Lekang and Blimbing turtle which is now endangered animals on this planet.
When the sunsets, the view in this beach is more beautyful. The red light is shining and reflecting in the perfect way. You can see the sunsets just like in Kuta beach. And there also some cottage for you who wants to stay over to enjoy the beauty. The other inn also locates in the edge of the cliff named Joel’s Bungalow.
Only on this beach you can enjoy the view of the beach, cliff climbing and also study, which is joining with the local in conserve the turtle. You can study a lot from the conservation organisation in it, especially to learn the turtle behavior and its living.

This beach is a must to have in your list on vacation day. You never feel the thrill in other beach. You will have a unique atmosphere being in this place. To enjoy the beauty of this beautyful Kuta of Aceh, Lampuuk beach.
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