Situ Patenggang, Captivating Lake in Bandung

Figuring out best holiday destination in Bandung could be a hard decision since there are a lot of traveling destination that you may want to visit.
There are a lot of alternatives on places you can visit on your holiday, still if you prefer to enjoy the beautiful view of a lake surrounded by the fresh air created by nature then Situ Patenggang may become the best choice for you to spend your holiday.
Situ patenggang or Situ Patengan is one of the tourism area located in Ciwidey Bandung. This place not only known for its beautiful lake, but also for its local myth that states that every couple that visit this place and drop by the “Love Stone” as well as going around the so called “The Island of Love” will have a true and everlasting love life, just like what happened to the Goddess Rengganis and Ki Santang.
If you are interested in visiting this place you can read the information below. 
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Situ Patenggang is located in Ciwidey, Bandung. Getting to this place is fairly easy since the road itself is already in a good condition.
If you want to go there you can either go by public transportation or personal vehicle, if you decide to go there by public transportation then you can simply take it from the Ciwidey terminal and it will take you to Situ Patenggang.
You can enjoy beautiful scenery of tea and strawberry plantation along the way, it is advantageous if you go there by personal vehicle since you can stop by the plantation and do some strawberry-picking for a set amount of price.
Once you arrive in the place you will be welcomed by the fresh air and beautiful lake.  There are a lot of things you can do here starting from a trip on the lake by boat, fishing, visiting the stone of love or taking a walk around the island of love, it’s all for you to decide how you will enjoy your holiday there.
If you want to spend a night around Situ Patenggang, there are some resorts around there. And if you are planning to go to Kawah Putih then you have to take a brief walk  since both of the places are not so far away in distance. This place is the best traveling destination in Bandung and you can visit there with your family, friends, or lovers.  
Img source:  initempatwisata