Papuma Beach, Elegant Tourism Spot In Jember

Indonesia is known for its abundant amount of beaches. There are a lot of beach that is known by the people all over the world; for example kuta beach.
One thing for sure that there are still a lot of beautiful beach that still undiscovered, that includes the beaches in East Java. If you are confused on where to go on your travelling trip around east java, maybe you should try visiting Papuma Beach in Jember, East Java.
Papuma beach  is known for its beautiful scenery and vast white sand, hence the name is the abbreviation of Pasir Putih Malikan in local language. Here we provide some information about this beach , of course if the beauty of white sanded beach piques your interest. 
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This Beach is located in Desa Lojejer, Kecamatan Wuluhan, Kabupaten Jember.
To get there it is is highly recommended for you to use private vehicle since there is no public transportation that can take you there.
The beach is approximately 45 km south of Jember, just like the usual beach  trip, you will see beautiful scenery along the road so you won’t get tired.  The road leading to the beach is in a good condition, the asphalt is still in perfect shape so it won’y hamper you journey whether you decide to go there by car or motorcycle.
Once you arrive there you will see a giant sea crag standing amidst the sea, it is a more than 50 mdpl crag called as Siti Hinggil by local people, the fun thing is you can actually get there by renting a boat then you can climb to the top of the crag to see a more detailed view of the beach, you can also see Gua Lawa or Bat’s cave that can only be entered once the sea water subsides because its depth is more than 30 mdpl low. You can feel the breeze air in this place because the temperature is around 25-32 celcius.  
Papuma Beach is well kept and is promoted as one of the best tourism spot around Jember so you can find a lot of public services around the beach; for example, place to eat, souvenir shop, even some resorts with reasonable prices for you to spend the night. If you are still confused on traveling destination around Jember, might as well try this place out.
Img source:  kompas,pegipegi