Anak Krakatau, Challenging Traveling Destination in Banten

Banten province is one of the most famous province due to its abundant amount of traveling destinations, be it beaches, mountain, or other natural and modern tourism object. Each of them offers its own good point.
If you are looking for a challenging traveling destination then maybe it is a good idea to take a look at Son of Krakatoa or known as “Anak Krakatau” in local language. It is called son of Krakatoa because it was once a massive volcanic mountain, then an accident happened and the mountain erupted, obliterating the area around it, causing gigantic tsunamis and killing more than 36000 people.
It is said that the sound of the explosion is the loudest sound ever recorded, reaching up to 3000 miles away. Now because most of the mountains are destroyed because of the explosion, the remnant of what’s left is called as Anak Krakatau. Even though it has become a famous traveling destination, it is still an active mountain.
If you plan to go here, then you have to go to Merak Harbor first, then take a boat or you can simply go there using speedboat from Carita Beach. Anak Krakatau offers a lot of things to the tourist; for example the scenery around it, you can feel the massive disaster that happened years ago just by looking at the scenery, it is the witness of the devastating moment.
If you love to see the beauty of the sea then you can go snorkeling around this place, worry not because the beach is still in its natural condition and the water is still clear. There is one more thing that this traveling destination has to boot, it is the mesmerizing sunset scenery, the beautiful sunset fading away in the horizon will surely turns you speechless.
To make things easier, it is recommended for you to take a travel service which will guide you through your trip around Anak Krakatau, sure it costs a little bit more but it will satisfy your needs of natural traveling and the experience you get could last for a lifetime.