Uluwatu Temple, Magnificent Temple In Bali

Bali is known as one of the best traveling destination in Indonesia, every year a lot of tourists be it local or international come to Bali to enjoy what it has to offer. Since Bali is known as a place where people uphold the value of culture, and respecting the diversion, a lot of Balinese temples are slowly becoming not only a sacred place where rituals took place but also a tourism object.
One of the most profound temples in Bali are those of the Seven Spiritual Pillars, the spiritual pillars itself takes form of a temple which is spread on the island. Uluwatu Temple is one of those, this place is known as a traveling destination since long ago because of its beautiful scenery.
The name Uluwatu comes from the word ulu  which means edge and watu which means stone / rock, this place is located on the edge of the cliff, facing the sea, hence the name. 
Uluwatu Temple, Magnificent Temple In Bali
Because of the location, a lot of tourists decided to come here only to be fascinated by the scenery around. The strategic place supported by the natural surrounding is able to create a natural atmosphere which at the same time enables you to think about the very basic meaning of life, just like the Buddhist teaching. If you decide to go here, it is recommended to stay until sunset because there will be a certain scenery that will mesmerize you for sure.
This place also used as ceremonial place every six months, it depends on the Balinese 210- Pawukon cycle. If you want to step your foot around the place though, you have to wear a sarong and sash as well as appropriate clothes which represents temple visits.
Every night around 6 to 7 pm there will be a performance of Kecak Dance by the local people, of course it comes with a certain fee. But don’t worry though because it worth your money because you can enjoy the show while savoring the scenery of the sunset.

How to go to Uluwatu Temple

  • Take The Bypass Main Road
  • Head To Nusa Dua
  • Head To Jimbaran
  • Follow The Road Leading Up To Uluwatu 
Since this place is located uphill, expect some ascending road as you go, there is no public transportation that can take you there, so you have to either use personal vehicle or rent it. 
One thing to note is that there are a lot of monkeys swarming around the place, you better keep your things in a good hand or else the monkey will surely ruin your holiday. Uluwatu Temple is a cheap traveling destination in Bali, so you have to pay a visit and enjoy it while you are there.