Carita Beach, Romantic Beach in Banten

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Beach is one of the most favorite traveling destinations for a lot of people. Since Indonesia is an archipelago-based country, it is fairly easy to find one. If you are looking for a beach around Banten, then you are lucky because over there lies one of the most famous beach in Indonesia, Carita Beach.
Carita beach is well known for its romantic sunset / sunrise scenery, some people even booked a special hotel around this place only to see the mesmerizing sight with their beloved one.
On occasion, some people said that there are appearances of wild animals such as long-tailed monkey, lutung, alap-alap¬, and eagle  around this place. Here we provide some information regarding Carita Beach. 
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Carita Beach is located around anyer, around 160km from Jakarta and  150km from Bogor, to get here you can use personal vehicle such as car or motorcycle.
The route is quite simple, if you choose to go by personal vehicle then all you have to do is head to the Jakarta-Merak highway then follow the road sign thatwill eventually takes you to Anyer, from here it is pretty much self-explanatory since there are a lot signs showing where the exact location of Carita Beach is.
In this beach you can do a lot of things since the waves are quite calm, starting from  banana boat, jetski, snorkeling, even diving. Be careful though because on rainy days the waves could get a little bit bigger. Not too far away from the shore there are a lot of restaurants offering seafood for you to feast on, you can eat while enjoying the chill breeze and beautiful scenery of the beach.
If you want to spend the night here, there are some resorts or hotels that offers direct scenery to the sea so you can see the famous sunrise and sunset, even the jaw dropping full moon view if you come at the right time. This place will usually get crowded on holidays so you better plan your trip before going there.

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