Kayangan Api Bojonegoro, The Everlasting Flame

There are a lot of traveling destinations spread along Indonesia, starting from beach to mountains; it is up to you to decide where you want to spend your day on.
If you are tired of the casual traveling destination, maybe you can try to divert your attention into natural occurrences such as the eternal flame.
Just as the name suggests, eternal flame is a kind of place where there are natural occurrence which takes form in a flame which never dies, most of them lasts for more than 100 years.
In Indonesia, there is a certain eternal flame location which is already famous throughout ASEAN the name is Kayangan Api Bojonegoro. 
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Kayangan Api Bojonegoro is one of the most famous traveling destination in Bojonegoro due to its unusual sight, while in the beach or mountains people tend to seek for scenery, then in this place people are able to see the eternal flame which cannot be put out no matter how much water are being poured.
Scientists believe that this is caused by a natural phenomenon where a certain substance comes out from the cracks of the earth and it got ignited in a way so it become a fire, and the fire itself will stay lit as long as the substance still lasts, that’s the reason why those phenomenon are called as eternal flame.
To get to Kayangan Api Bojonegoro, you have to go south of Bojonegoro  to reach Kander Traditional Market, turn right and you will see a lot of road signs pointing you the way to the place.
Once you arrive there, actually there isn’t a lot that you can do since your activity is limited to simply seeing the eternal flame and enjoying your stroll around the place. But worry not because this place is already in a good management, so you will find places to eat, public services, and many more.
On certain Occasion, especially in the special date, a certain traditional ceremony will be held there, so if you want to see the Bojonegoro traditional ceremony then you better mark your calendar on some of the dates, One interesting thing is you will see a lot of people coming here during Fridays because they believe that something “mythical” will happen if they spend the night over there.
Imgsource: madiunpos