Mangunan Orchard, Beautiful Fruit Garden in Bantul

Yogya is surrounded by a lot of traveling destinations, starting from cave, beach, waterfall even plantation is out of question. One of the place that is worth your time is Mangunan Orchard.
As the name suggests, it is a fruit garden located in Bantul. The place is located in the sewu mountain,  not only the visitor can see the vast land filled with fruit trees, but they can also climb a little bit further to reach the sightseeing area, from this area the visitor can see the beautiful scenery of the sewu mountain range as well as the elegant oyo river, one of the most beautiful river around yogya. 
urthermore the visitor can also see parangtritis beach from the sightseeing area so this place is recommended for those who seek fresh air as well as a bunch of mesmerizing scenery. 
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Mangunan Orchard is approximately 1 hours from yogya if You go there using motorcycle, from Yogya  head to east imogiri, once you arrive in T-junction near imogiri market, take the left road and follow the roadsign, you will eventually reach there. Once you arrive around Mangunan orchard, there are a lot of alternatives that you can do here.
You can choose to enjoy the fruit plantation, or outbound area, even just sitting around enjoying the fresh air. If you want to see the beautiful scenery of sewu mountain range as well as oya river and parangtritis beach then you have to go to the designed sightseeing area which takes a little bit of walk to the top of the area, be careful though because the road there is quite rough and steep. In this place there is a resort as well as camping area so you can spend the night here if you want to.
It is recommended for you to go there in the morning because there is a certain scene that you can see only in the morning, that is the beauty of sewu mountain range, covered by mist. It feels as like you are surmounting the sky, what a sight to behold!