Sadranan Beach, Another Traveling Destination in Yogya

Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta is known for its abundant amount of tourism object, ranging from end to end. One of them is the famous Sadranan Beach, this beach is similar to the surrounding beach which has white sand as its main selling point, the beauty of the sand followed by the calm breeze will surely refresh your mind.
Moreover it is recently announced that now people can do snorkeling in this beach, so this beach has become  a pack of white sand, chilly breezy air, and the beauty of the sea’s underwater.  Even though this beach is already famous but this place is quiet since mostly people come here only on holiday.
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This beach is located in Dusun Pulegundes, Desa  Sidoharjo, Kecamatan Tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. It is actually quite near with other beach located around Gunungkidul, such as Krakal Beach or Indrayati Beach. Just like the usual route, first you have to go to Wonosari from yogya, from Wonosari then you take the road leading to Baron Beach, keep going east then you will eventually see a road sign showing you the way to Sadranan Beach.
It is recommended for you to go there using private vehicle since there isn’t any public transportation that can  help you to get to this place, the road to this place is not in a good condition or pretty rough so you have to be sure that your vehicle is in its top notch.
Even though the road is quite rough, but once you arrive to Sadranan Beach you will see that this beach is being kept by local  people, the public service are such as place to eat or toilet is in a good shape. If you are coming here in groups then there are some gazebos ready for you and your friends to relieve your fatigue.
There are a lot of things you can do here, but you should try snorkeling to see the beauty of the fishes and coral around the sea. To be able to do this you have to pay a certain sum of money to rent the snorkeling kit, after that you can see the beautiful underwater around this area, rumor says that there are some rare fish in this place.
If you are interested in visiting this beach it is recommended for you to go there around afternoon so you can see the beautiful sunset in this beach,  but be careful because there is a chance of a traffic jam because this beach is located between two famous beaches so the road will likely be fully jam packed by people who plan to watch the sunset in the beach too.  
Img source : piknikasik