Wonosari Tea Plantation, A Place with Invigorating Air in Malang

Holiday season is coming, it is a good idea for you to rack up traveling destination idea and fill it with places that could replenish your inner thirst of natural attraction.
There are a lot of alternatives on the traveling destination that you can visit, but if you are looking for one around Malang, Jawa Timur then Wonosari Tea Plantation can become a place to consider.
Just like its name, this tourism spot is a tea plantation located in the border between Malang and Surabaya.
This place is 950-1250 MDPL above sea meter so you can imagine that this place lies in the mountain area which means that this place not only will provide you with the beautiful scenery of tea plantation but also refreshing air that can cure your fatigue.
Below we have some information regarding Wonosari Tea Plantation. 
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Located in Singosari, Kabupaten Malang, approximately 30km north of Malang.
There are two options that you can choose in going to this place; first is by personal vehicle, second by public transportation. If you decide to go there by public transportation then you should take it from Lawang Terminal, choose one that has Wonosari in its route and then enjoy the trip.
The road leading to Wonosari Tea Plantation is still in a good condition but since the place lies on a mountain you can expect yourself going through a lot of curves and turns here and there. Once you arrive there the beauty of the plantation and the cold air of the mountain will welcome you with open arms.
There are a lot of things that you can do in this place, starting from tea-walking around the area, enjoying the provided rides such as ATV, flying fox, Water Cycle, etc.
If you plan to spend the night here there are some resorts and hotels that you can consider, of course each with its own price. If you want to bring souvenir home then there are a lot of shops organized by locals for you to spend your money on.
It is recommended for you to bring warm clothes and some cold medicine if you want to spend the night in Wonosari Tea Plantation since some times the temperature in this place can turn incredibly cold. So, after reading about this traveling destination, are you sure you don’t want to put it on your traveling list?
Img source: seputarmalang, tabloidwisata